ACZENTA International GmbH is a Swiss offering comprehensive HR solution such as international and in-country recruiting, supply of consultants and technical professionals, Expats/Inpats Management and HR consulting services. Extensive industry experience and the in depth understanding of international labour markets make us an ideal partner to companies pursuing projects globally and regardless of the phase of the project. We cover: Engineering, Construction, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning, Production, Maintenance and Field service. ACZENTA is determined to find talented and reliable candidates either from worldwide sources or from specific countries specified by the Client

ACZENTA is renowned for its responsiveness and often able to find suitable candidates within only 48/72 hours. To ensure this, we rely on our own talent pool, containing thousands of experienced candidates for all kinds of roles such as Engineers, Executives, Technical Managers, Project specialists and blue collar personnel. ACZENTA gained an encompassing understanding of what kind of educational background and experience is needed for any position requested byour clients. Knowing our clients and the demands of their industry, we often can do without even the need of a job profile.

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